During this time of COVID-19 the Women's Program at the church has moved to an online activity.  The Bible Study is conducted individually by participants.  Participants receive study sheets each month with questions that are to be submitted to the leaders.  The responses are compiled and shared with all participants.  Also, each month a list of suggested hymns are posted here and on the church calendar with links to online performances.

Women of the Church monthly Bible Study for 2020 -  2021 "Into the Light: Finding Hope Through Prayers of Lament"
(see study details here)

Responses to the monthly questions may be sent to either Beverly Hoch or Carol Nance.

All women are welcomed.  We have books for everyone!!

Click below to see church calendar of events for monthly details and hymn list:

October 2020 - Lesson One
November 2020 - Lesson Two
December 2020 - Lesson Three
January 2021 - Lesson Four
February 2021 - Lesson Five
March 2021 - Lesson Six
April 2021 - Lesson Seven
May 2021 - Lesson Eight
June 2021 - Lesson Nine

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