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This page displays a list of news about happenings with First Presbyterian Church.  See the "Event-Calendar" pages for information about events for which you may attend.


2/26/2020      “Where Is Your Heart?”: 2/26/2020

Pastor Debbie Spangler Sermon Text: Matthew 6: 1-6,16-21; Psalm 51: 1-17; Joel 2: 12-17 The word “heart” comes up in several of our readings for Ash Wednesday. I’ve titled my sermon/meditation “Where Is Your Heart?”. We know where our physical heart is—in our bodies. But where is our thoughts, our Read More

2/23/2020      “Valley to Mountaintop and Back”: Sermon 2/23/2020

Pastor Debbie Spangler Sermon Text: Matthew 17: 1-9 Today is what is known as “The Transfiguration of our Lord” Sunday. The scripture reading in Matthew tells the story, the reading from 2 Peter confirms it, and the Exodus reading tells us of a previous time of“glory on the mountaintop”. What Read More

1/26/2020      Lent Devotional - Hope Full Living: Season of Lent

Our lives should be full of hope, even in our later years. The daily devotions in this LARGE PRINT special edition highlight the message and themes found in Creative’s highly popular daily devotional for older adult Christians living life to the fullest. The reflections help seniors ponder Christ’s journey to Read More

8/17/2019      Women's 2019-2020 Circle Bible Study

Love Carved in Stone: A Fresh Look at the Ten Commandments By Eugenia Anne Gamble Suggestions for Leaders by Joyce MacKichan Walker Welcome to the 2019–2020 Presbyterian Women/Horizons Bible study, Love Carved in Stone: A Fresh Look at the Ten Commandments. What would it mean to consider the Ten Commandments Read More