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Women of the Church 2017-2018 Horizons Bible Study

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Women of the Church

2017-2018 Horizons Bible Study

Cloud of Witnesses ~The Community of Christ in Hebrews.


It is time to resume our monthly Fellowship Circles with Bible Study at First Presbyterian, Denton.


We meet the first Tuesday of the month beginning

Tuesday Sept.5 Sybil Hopper Room at 7:00 PM

with a dessert pot luck—please bring a dessert to share. 


The 9-lesson Horizons study books are $10 and will be available Sundays  in the Narthex.


The link below is a nine-minute video by the author, a minister and photographer, Melissa Bane Sevier.


Our study leaders Carol Nance (morning time 9:30) and Louise Kraft (evening time 7PM) are praying, researching, preparing to help us apply the lessons from the fascinating book of Hebrews. 


Studying together is such a wonderful blessing, even if it is only once a month! 

Please pray about it. We need one another in these difficult times.


with love,

Beverly Hoch